Automatic Microtome : Automatic Microtome LAM-A10

Automatic Microtome LAM-A10

Automatic Microtome LAM-A10 is a fully automated microtome, offers adjustable speed with three sectioning modes (Continuous, Step, Single) for users selection. Designed with streamlined molded housing, hand wheel for smooth running and stepping-motor advance technology for fine sectioning and trimming of specimen with selectable specimen retraction. Features, a precise micro motion specimen feeding system, microcomputer controlled optical signal and stepper motor to regulate specimen feeding, and a removable waste tray for specimen dismantling. Automatic Microtome offers, 0.5 μm to 100 μm section thickness range, and 1 to 600 μm trimming thickness range.

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Section thickness range 0.5 μm to 100 μm (3 to 5 μm best slicing effect)
Section thickness setting 0.5 to 5 μm, in 0.5 μm increment
5 to 20 μm, in 1 μm increment
20 to 60 μm, in 5 μm increment
60 to 100 μm, in 10 μm increment
Trimming thickness range 1 to 600 μm
Trimming thickness setting 1 to 10 μm, in 1 μm increment
10 to 20 μm, in 2 μm increment
20 to 50 μm, in 5 μm increment
50 to 100 μm, in 10 μm increment
100 to 600 μm, in 50 μm increment
Specimen retraction thickness 10 to 150 μm, In 1 μm increment
Specimen vertical stroke 60 mm
Specimen horizontally stroke 25 mm
Specimen holder adjustment system Horizontal orientation (X axis): ± 8°
Max specimen size with C clamp (H×W) 55 mm × 45 mm
Power supply 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H) 560 × 470 × 300 mm
Weight 35 kg
  • Fully-automatic sectioning with adjustable speed with Three sectioning modes (Continuous, Step, Single) for users selection
  • Streamlined molded housing offers attractive appearance and easy maintenance
  • Advanced retraction function makes better sectioning and retraction value is adjustable
  • Electronic trim function to switch from trim to section mode
  • Section counting function sums total section pieces and overall thickness
  • Signal and stepper motor to control specimen feeding
  • Automatic memorized coarse feed and reload function improves cutting efficiency
  • Advanced slide mechanism and groove ensures the precision of specimen movement
  • Specimen fine orientation of 8° on X/Y axes
  • Universal specimen holder includes C clamp, Optional Cassette Clamp
  • Spacious and ingenious waste tray
  • A hand wheel force balancing system to adjust the balancing force during smooth and even rotations, sectioning
  • Two safety lock mechanisms on the hand wheel (one lock on top, other at any position)
  • Self-diagnostic prompt, Alarm system to warn forward and backward limitations

Automatic Microtome used for sectioning (slicing, trimming) of biological specimens across Histopathology, Medicine, Biology for scientific research and analysis.

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