Laboratory Equipment Catalogs

Air Permeability Tester

  1. Fabric Air Permeability Tester

Air Shower

Alloy Analyzer

Amino Acid Analyzer

Automatic Glassware Washer

Ball Mill Machine

  1. Benchtop Ball Mill

Biochemistry Analyzer

Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Blood Collection Monitor


Bottle Top Dispenser

Color Assessment Cabinet


Density Meter

Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Differential Thermal Analyzers


Elemental Analyzer

  1. Elemental (CHN) Analyzer

ESR Analyzer

Fiber Analysis

  1. Fiber Analyzer

Flame Photometer

Flammability Tester

Fluorescence Analyzer

  1. Fluorescence Mercury Analyzer


Fume Extractor

Gel Strength Test System

Gene Electroporator

Glassware Drying Cabinet

Handheld Homogenizer

Hybridization Oven

Hybridization System

  1. FISH Hybridization System

Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

  1. Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

IR Carbon Sulphur Analyzer

Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination

Laminar Flow Canopy

Laser Theodolite

Latex Stability Tester

Leather Softness Tester

Media Dispensing System

  1. Automated Media Dispensing System

Metal Detector

Microplate Reader & Washer

  1. Microplate Reader
  2. Microplate Washer

Microwave Digestion System

Nucleic Acid Purification System

Oil And Grease Analyzer

Opacity Meter


Oven Incubator

Paraffin Trimmer

Particle Counter

  1. Liquid Particle Counter

Pathology Workstation

Plasma Extractor

Plate Sealer

Platelet Agitator and Incubator

  1. Platelet Agitator
  2. Platelet Incubator

Potentiometric Titrator

  1. Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Sample Concentrator

Scintillation Counter

  1. Liquid Scintillation Counter

Semi-automatic Bio-chemistry Analyzer

Slide Dryer

Solar Powered Products

  1. Solar Eco Freezer

Sound Level Analysis

  1. Sound Level Meter-Calibrator

Soxhlet Apparatus




TOC Analyzer

Tube Furnace

UV Air Sterilizer

UV Analyzer

V-shell Blender

Vacuum Packing machine

  1. Benchtop Vacuum Packing machine

Vacuum Pycnometer

Vacuum Spin Coater

Washer Disinfector

Water Purifier

Wind Meter (Anemometer)