Filtration unit with Flask  : Filtration unit with Flask LFUF-A10

Filtration unit with Flask LFUF-A10

Filtration unit with Flask LFUF-A10 assembly consist of 500 ml funnel, filter head, 2000 ml receiving flask, clamp of anodized aluminum, stainless steel lid, rubber tube (0.8 mm), and a tube connector. This solvent filtration unit offers excellent fitting with vacuum pump. The whole assembly can be autoclaved at high temperature and pressure (121°C, 20-30 minutes) or it can be sterilized with epoxy ethane etc.

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Funnel volume 500 ml
Funnel valve Glass
Filter membrane Pore size 10 µm
Material of the support screen Pyrex glass
Receiving flask 2000 ml
Suitable membrane diameter 60 mm
Connection Ground joint
  • Durable, high quality extra hard glass
  • Excellent fitting with different vacuum pump
  • Autoclavable at 121°C for 20-30 minutes
  • Precise pore size (10 µm) of filter membrane to suit the desired need of filtration
  • User-friendly operation

Filtration unit with Flask are widely used in removing impurities, micro particles etc. which hampers the analytical, quality results across fields of biochemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology and others. These units are of great help in synthesis, colloid separation of chromatographic groups, micro materials, and other elements.

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