Vertical laminar flow clean bench LVCB-B10

Vertical laminar flow clean bench LVCB-B10

Vertical laminar flow clean bench LVCB-B10 is an open desktop type, compact structure separated from the power segment and combined with the equipment box perfectly and provide unmediated HEPA-filtered air vertically over the work area with class 100 purification to protect your work from contamination.

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External dimension (W x L x H)1000 x 980 x 1900 mm
Internal dimension (W x L x H)900 x 680 x 600 mm
Illumination≥ 300 lux
Purification rank (ISO 14644-1 Std.)100
Air flow600-900 m³⁄h
Noise≤ 65 dB
Power280 W
Power supply220 V/50 Hz
LED standard9x1
Filtration efficiency (% @ 0.3μm)99.98999999999999
Average velocity0.25-0.45 m/s
Net Weight150 kg
  • Vertical laminar flow
  • Class 100 purification
  • Cold rolled powder coated steel exterior
  • Polished stainless steel table board
  • Separated from the power segment
  • Combined with the equipment box perfectly which avoids cleanliness failure by air leakage and defect by vibration
  • Low maintenance, noise less, stable, adjustable air system to maintain work area wind speed
  • Energy saving fluorescent lamp
  • Cabinet support with adjustable foot margin which can be dismantled
It finds wide applicability in: computer hard drive repair and assembly, DNA amplification, pharmaceutical compounding, preparation of agar plates, plant tissue culture, IV preparation, optics assembly: laser, camera, optical etc.

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