Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit : Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMVF-A20

Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMVF-A20

Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMVF-A20 is designed with 316 L stainless steel filter head and 1 branch type, 316 L stainless steel funnel of 300 ml capacity. Equipped with 316 L stainless steel holder which is alkali resistance, acid and corrosion resistance. Operation of single or multi-branch unit filtration unit is supported by vacuum pump. Allows filtration of multiple samples either at once or independently by controlling the separate branch valves. It can be used for applications in water quality, food and beverage as well as sterility testing of antibiotics.

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Type 1 Branch
Funnel SS316
Individual Funnel Capacity 300 ml
Support Screen SS316
Pore Size 100 µm
Connection Integral, SS316
Holder SS316
Package Size (W×D×H) 270×230×130 mm
Gross weight 3 kg
  • 1 branch type filtration with 316L stainless steel funnel
  • Funnel, lid and base is made up of high quality stainless steel 316
  • Integral SS316 connection
  • Holder comes with supportive control valve
  • Valves have a Stainless Steel stopcock

It can be widely used in pesticide liquid filtration, pharmaceutical industry, instrumental analysis, petroleum, sanitary inspection and environmental monitoring fields.

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