Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer : Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer LMMS-A10

Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer LMMS-A10

Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer LMMS-A10 is a space saving and economical unit with 16 heating/stirring position in a footprint. It is highly efficient and inputted by 4 independent channels to control the speed. Equipped with Stainless steel work plate, cover with silicone cushion, resistance to skid and corrosion. It reduces the over noise and its free from maintenance. Maximum stirring quantity in each stirring position is 0.4 L, the powerful magnets and motor give stirring speed up to 1100 rpm with the working temperature range from 5 to 40°C.

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Stirring Positions 16
Max. Stirring Quantity 0.4 L (each stirring position)
Max. Magnetic Bar 40 mm
Speed Range 0 to 1100 rpm
Speed Display Scale
Work Plate Material Stainless steel with silicone
Temperature 5 to 40 °C
Humidity 0.8
Internal dimension 365 × 345 mm
External dimension 380 × 622 × 65 mm
Motor Input Power 12 W
Motor Output Power 4 W
Power consumption 20 W
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Power supply 100 to 240 V
Weight 6 kg
Protection Class IP42 DIN EN60529
  • Powerful rotary drive providing consistent sample conditions across each position
  • Material used stainless steel with a silicone anti-slip mat
  • Designed with 16 stirring positions and 4 rotary knob, independent speed control channels
  • Equipped with temperature control panel enable uniformed distribution of temperature on the heating plate
  • Maximum stirring quantity is 0.4 L
  • Maximum magnetic bar ranges 40 mm and temperature is from 5 to 40 °C
  • High magnetic adhesion prevents the stir bar from going out of control

Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer is used for liquid heating mixing experiment and other experiments, it is the indispensable mixing instrument for biology, heredity, medicine and health, environmental protection and biochemistry laboratories.

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