Pharmacy Refrigerators : Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A12

Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A12

Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A12 is a digital microprocessor controlled temperature refrigerator with holding capacity of 580 liters and 5 pieces wired storage shelves. Inbuilt full automatic defrost system with digital thermometer thermostat. It has CR-Ni 304 inner chamber coating with double glass observation door. Noiseless and user friendly operation mode. Auto audio-visual signal alarm protection. It is ideally used in storage of medical, pharmaceuticals, laboratory products and reagents by industries and research labs.

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Temperature Range 8 °C to 15 °C
Temperature Set Point + 4 °C
Number of Wire shelves 5
Net volume 580 L
Gross Volume 638 L
Inner Surface Material CR-Ni 304
Output USB
Voltage Supply 195 V to 230 V, 50 Hz
Internal Dimensions (W × L × H) 660 × 712 × 1347 mm
External Dimensions (W × L × H) 765 × 820 × 2000 mm
Weight 215 kg
  • Digital microprocessor temperature controlled system
  • Inner chamber sample holding capacity: 580 L
  • Chromium-nickel 304 internal surface coating
  • Double glass door for observation with galvanized white paint external surface coating
  • Full automatic defrost system
  • Wire shelves for storage
  • Digital thermometer thermostat
  • Audible and visual high/low temperature alarms
  • 24 hrs active battery with power shut down signal alarm
  • Internal Illumination light source and door lock system
  • Quiet and user friendly operation mode
  • Output: USB port

Widely used for storage of products like reagents, pharmaceutical compounds, laboratory grade product, medical compounds, medicinal products in pharmaceutical industries, medicals, research laboratories, etc.

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